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The company

The company

Polski Serwis Opony [Polish Tires Service] Company is a partner of the PREMIO and TRUCK FORCE networks.


We sell all types of tires and wheels, we provide servicing of tires, wheels geometry and automotive mechanics. We serve individuals, fleets and transportation companies.


We have two sites located in Gdańsk and three service cars: two for handling trucks, the third supports cars, station wagons, commercial and industrial vehicles. Our cars are equipped with all the necessary tools for the correct and complete performance of the service. As a result, we are able to make repairs and replacement of tires in any desired place.


Persons we employ are trained professionals with many years of experience in the vulcanization branch, which guarantees you a professional service and ensures a well done job.


With our comprehensive services, you will save your time and money. You are welcome to visit us.

Polski Serwis Opony


80-711 GDAŃSK

TEL. 58 325 23 06

KOM. 501 145 644

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PN-PT 7.00 – 17.00

Branch: Polski Serwis Opony 


80-557 GDAŃSK

TEL.  58 762 18 06

KOM. 501 145 743

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PN-PT 8.00 – 17.00